Update for Nov. 30: schools open, Lake Samish bus riders use alternate stops
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Here are some fun activities to go with the WCCPBA finalists that Ms. Feemster is reading to you.

Cyril and Pat

Emily Gravett draws Cyril and Pat, Part 1 (How to draw characters)
Emily Gravett draws Cyril and Pat, Part 2 (Mostly on painting the characters)


Magic Ramen

Video of how Ramen noodles are made


Llama Destroys the World

Draw a llama (Step-by step directions)
Learn about real llamas in Pebble Go
Learn about Black Holes in Pebble Go Next (Not available after Nov. 15)
Draw some dancing pants for Llama in MS Paint



Watch a video about naked mole-rats
Learn about real naked mole-rats in Pebble Go
Watch naked mole-rats on a live web cam


Don’t Call Me Bear!

PebbleGo has Koala info in the Animals Module and Australia info in the Social Studies Module
Koala Cam at the San Diego Zoo
NatGeo-Koalas 101
Q&A with author Aaron Blabey



Color your own Ogilvy


The Boy Who Invented the Popsicle

Visit a popsicle factory